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KING of Memphis Wrestling: Jerry Lawler World Tour '76

$25.00 - $31.99 / On Sale

When the King appeared to have defeated Terry Funk for the NWA World championship in October 1976, the Memphis Monarch of the Mat quickly retreated to the dressing room with the 10 pounds of gold, despite the referee overturning the decision. Waiting in the wings was a photographer from City of Memphis Magazine, which was publishing a cover story on the King the following month.

As Lawler told me, "I ran back there with the belt as fast as I could, telling the photographer, 'Hurry up, hurry up—take my picture!"

The shutterbug, who had set up a classy black backdrop with dimmed lighting to capture an image of the triumphant King fresh from the fight, complied, snapping about 20 photos before Lawler hastily returned the domed-globe belt to a none-the-wiser Funk.

The cover shot featured on this tee got Lawler in hot water with the Alliance but had the entire city believing the King was the uncrowned NWA champion.

The King's '76 World Tour with the NWA title was cut short—he didn't even make it out of the Coliseum with the belt, thanks to the official's reversal. But to the adoring masses in Memphis, it was a moment to remember in an ongoing game of thrones, sealed with a KISS.

Not only do you get a touched-up, vector-art image from the infamous magazine cover on this '70s-soft shirt, but you can always strut with confidence that comes with being part of the King's KISS Army.

As always, the King '76 Tour shirt is printed on a premium 100% rasslin'-ring-spun cotton tee, this will be forever be the REAL World champion of shirts featuring Memphis Wrestling's King.

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