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Colt Blooded Tee (w/KFR Skull Logo on Back)

$27.00 - $30.00

Even by wrestling's standards, Chris Colt was a larger-than-life character who infamously played by his own rules to the bitter end. Despite being openly gay in a tough business during a less-than-openminded era, Colt Colt earned the respect of the boys with his legit toughness and his work, highlighted by tremendous, realistic brawling and his ability to take great bumps—not to mention his drinking prowess.

Colt drifted in and out of Memphis, but his personal demons would eventually catch up to him, and he'd be gone. During one sabbatical from the business, Colt reportedly served as a bodyguard for singer Joe Cocker, who shared his love of pharmaceuticals.

Feeding off the Alice Cooper craze in the '70s, Colt adopted bits of the singer's persona and put his own twisted take on the gimmick. We honor Colt with this 100% cotton American Apparel Fine Jersey shirt and wonder what could have been had he been able to get the help he desperately needed.

$3 from every shirt sold will go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, a nonprofit that works to support, inform and inspire vulnerable, disadvantaged young people so they may reach their full potential by getting clean and staying clean off drugs. We think Chris would like that.

First-class shipping is only $2.99 and each additional shirt is just 99 cents. Please allow up to 9 business days for fulfillment.