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Image of The Bill and Buddy Show (Available in Black and Blue)
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The Bill and Buddy Show (Available in Black and Blue)

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The Nature Boy and the Superstar ran roughshod over the Memphis wrestling territory in 1985–1986, forcing the King into exile. Relishing their newfound reign, the two royal heels from hell took over the Saturday morning TV staple in Memphis to launch their brand of mayhem: The Bill and Buddy Show!

That is, until the one of the greatest angles in Memphis TV history unfolded in March 1986. Shortly after pummeling scrappy jobber Jim Jamison, Buddy and Bill then turned their attention to special referee Jeff Jarrett, which brought out his father, the elder Double J. After nearly putting out his son-in-law's eye, promoter Eddie Marlin decided it was eye for an eye—via proclamation, the grand old man defied the legalities involved, and called for the services of the Monarch of the Mat, who triumphantly returned in front of an SRO crowd. With his two stars a bloody mes, the Bill and Buddy Show was cancelled just as the program was picking up steam.

This iconic series within a series lives on in the hearts and minds of Bill and Buddy fans around the world—and on this American Apparel 100% ringspun cotton tee that runs true to size. Get yours now jabroni—that's right, I said it.

$3 Rock 'n' Roll Express shipping for first tee; $1.99 each additional.

Image of The Bill and Buddy Show (Available in Black and Blue)